Over many years of varied arts facilitation I have had the opportunity to see first hand how art can support cognitive and emotional development in the young child and provide a neutral conversation opener and opportunity to escape in a therapeutic setting. I work with multiple partners to ensure quality artistic opportunity is made available to the widest possible audience. In a workshop setting I work with all ages and aim to impart basic practical skills and design with participants across the community supporting creativity.

Working with numerous creative collaborators I have delivered so many workshops in so many different setting that I find it hard to remember them all. I work with all ages and abilities and deliver creative content to suit participants, delivery partners and events. On occasion I work over a long period with a group to realize their own creative potential or work in pop up settings to provide themed activities teaching new skills and quick creative solutions.

Using as many natural and recycled materials as possible.

Traditional Lanterns,

Carnival Costume,

Recycled Sculpture,



Little People,


Painting to Music,

Music and Movement.

I have a massive portfolio of workshop delivery and I design to suit the needs of participants aiming to be as flexible possible with plentiful gaps to allow for creativity and collaboration. Workshops have been delivered in all sorts of places with various audiences from classrooms and family centres’ with small groups to, fields at festivals, shopping centres’, theatres and galleries of the Tate Modern with hundreds of participants.


Together with a team of collaborating artists I am currently rewriting all educational programmes to extract any non-recyclable resources included in our session plans. Moving forward all outputs will be created from natural, recycled or recyclable materials minimizing the use of plastics.

We are currently developing an educational resource – ‘Waste Not Want Not – Many makes from household waste’ – drawing on our workshop experience to share our arts practice supporting making at home and encouraging a move away from off the shelf kit based art activities. This artists guide responds to the current battle against plastics allowing us to adopt this into our practice. The resource offers simple affordable activities easy to deliver at home or in the classroom, encouraging teachers and parents to create from available materials, supporting creative facilitation and drawing on our knowledge as practitioners to pass to the wider community.
We have created a range of recycled art kits – What a Load of Rubbish – The kits include all necessary recycled materials to create a mermaid, a fairy or a mini me.

Artist   .   Creative Producer  .   Creative Director   .   Creator

Artist . Creative Producer . Creative Director . Creator

©Kerry Lanigan 2018

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