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As part of the Trim Tots healthy lifestyle programme we designed and created a team of puppets to teach healthy lifestyle messages in a fun and engaging way.  These characters quickly came to life, singing and dancing into existence on Planet Munch in Savour the Flavour our fully interactive musical puppet show.  With support from Arts Council England the music and puppets from the Trim Tots programme were woven into a fun and engaging story of friendship, creative endeavour and healthy living for happy ever after.   Our dance-based soundtrack gets audiences up and dancing whilst a message of friendship and love at the heart of the story ensures a feel good experience for all.  We are currently programming a tour and are looking for host venues. If you would like a performance of the show at your school, event or venue please get in touch

Planet Munch - Savour the Flavour - Musical Puppet Show is a family-friendly interactive theatre show that uses puppetry, inventive storytelling, song and dance with a healthy message about eating well and living together at its core - the overriding message is one of friendship and love.

Created with a team of artistic collaborators and partners at the Institute of Child Health - the show, developed in a community setting, has been getting people up and moving as well as learning about the roles different foods play in the diet.

The show is interactive and we aim to share the artistic components/techniques developed during the creative process including storytelling, puppet making, puppetry, drama, music, and movement.

In my work across the community as an artist/creative producer I am aware that artistic activities are not available to all children, many children miss out on experiencing theatre trips due to lack of funds both at school or at home. Any private school is alive with artistic opportunity and making art available to all and not just the privileged few is central to my own arts practice. I would love to make it possible for more children to benefit from creative learning opportunity and make this the backbone of education, particularly at primary school. I believe in the therapeutic value of creative practice and the opportunity offered by artistic engagement to build bonds across the community and support social mobility.


Creative events and activities offer the opportunity to engage with people otherwise over-looked by gruelling educational demands of exam-focussed learning. Art programmes can help to nurture a future of inclusivity, developing important social skills and other areas of child development that can otherwise be overlooked by curriculum. Community outreach programmes can also make venues accessible to a wider audience - supporting accessibility and a better society. Our Trim Tots programme was devised to address current obesity statistics showing one in 4 school-age children are obese across Hertfordshire this programme has been delivered to under 5’s and their carers across Hertfordshire and London, we aim to extend this programme to school-aged children to educate the whole family on diet to combat diet related health issues into the future.

In our next phase of the puppet show we aim to trial a new model of creative engagement using show components to offer lead in workshops in primary schools, pre-show workshops & post show puppet meet and greet in libraries.
Education packs are provided for teachers/librarians and a resource book for families to enable continued learning in the community. We plan to work with schools to support curriculum delivery and identify gaps in provision, weaving content into curriculum and becoming part of the participatory Ethos of both schools & venues whilst supporting opportunity for parent and child to learn together at public events. We aim to make theatre accessible to more children increasing opportunities for students and providing ideas and inspiration for future career pathways or study.

Artist   .   Creative Producer  .   Creative Director   .   Creator

Artist . Creative Producer . Creative Director . Creator

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