Engagement and participatory arts

I work with other Artists to devise creative content for programmes and events developing outreach models with partners across the community. I use creative content to build relationships, open conversation and provide opportunity for self-expression.  Shared learning experiences can build strong bonds across a group of people where shared creative endeavour and participation can be a unifying experience creating common culture.

I work as lead artist to develop programmes of creative engagement for venues and arts organisations - devising profile-raising activities and managing online campaigns. I have created multiple partner programmes working to build audiences and ensure creative activities are made widely available. I work across the arts to organise public events, exhibitions, workshops and activities. I devise content to be fun and engaging inviting audiences to participate in numerous different ways and becoming central to the work. I write funding applications for my own organisations and on behalf of others to support art in participatory settings working with Schools, Venues, Councils and Consortia to ensure wide reach.

street procession

performance in public spaces

Collaborative community creations

Interactive installations created in schools and exhibited in arts venues.

Making at public events.

Little People - Participatory projects – created in schools as part of
local festival exhibited across the community in local businesses.

Puppet show devised and developed in a community setting – performed in


public spaces.

Art in health - Trim Tots Healthy lifestyle programme tackling childhood obesity.

Socially enagaged arts practise - creative concepts - artists in response to music.

We recently toured our musical puppet show to schools in areas where there are few arts events and activities, performing in areas where families may not be able to afford to enjoy a trip to theatre. The show was well received and many children wrote to us to say how much they enjoyed the experience and that our show was the first show they had ever seen.


We have developed and delivered a new engagement model working with venues to create pop-up art installations in front of house spaces or to exhibit at local festivals. In this instance we work with arts professionals to identify schools that may benefit from cultural opportunity and venues or festivals with a strong participatory ethos who place value on outreach programmes. We create art outputs to be installed and exhibited at public events and programme performances ahead of headline acts to raise the profile of socially engaged arts and provide a platform for up and coming artists.

Artist   .   Creative Producer  .   Creative Director   .   Creator

Artist . Creative Producer . Creative Director . Creator

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