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Creative Learning – In a participatory setting I work to translate key learning outcomes into a creative learning framework and have worked with numerous partners to do so.


Creative Learning provides a vehicle for communication, creating a shared learning environment and opportunity to exchange ideas. Translating content into an engaging and accessible format allows opportunity to support diverse areas of social/physical development and creates opportunity to empower all involved with new knowledge and practical skills.

Creative learning provides a tangible shared experience and creative journey for all involved in the process, bringing the learning out of the page/screen and onto another platform, allowing it to be. The embodiment of an idea allows it to exist, taking the theory into practice and allowing students to use their imaginations to generate solutions. Those involved in the process make an alternative journey to learning outcomes, making the learning a group activity that engages everyone and asks everyone to be involved and contribute to the process
Together with research scientists from the Institute of Child Health (GOSH) and a team of artists we have developed a 24-week healthy lifestyle programme, Trim Tots, aimed at under 5’s and their carers. ‘Trim Tots.’ We created a supportive learning environment where adult and child can learn together. With 24 weekly art workshops used to convey healthy eating messages, weekly nutrition sessions and music workshops to get everybody moving together. The project has seen considerable success we have a comprehensive training manual to support the continuance of Trim Tots in the community and the progeramme has reached over 300 families. After 7 years of delivering Trim Tots Healthy Lifestyle Programme to families fusing art & science the outcomes of the randomised controlled study were published in the Lancet and show a reduction to both BP and BMI for participating families.

Artist   .   Creative Producer  .   Creative Director   .   Creator

Artist . Creative Producer . Creative Director . Creator

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