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My artwork is informed by the places I go the things I see the people I work with.  Since a young age I have dedicated lots of time to re-imagining space, redesigning objects to new purpose and suspending reality through the creation of other wordly objects and creative writing.  I am currently developing new concepts and looking forward to finishing off many of my creative concepts and processes still in development…



I create environmental decor/installations and sculpture inspired by the natural world. The juxtaposition of manmade unnatural sculpture aping the natural world provides an ‘other worldly’, fantastical quality to my work, combining story telling and theatre with visual arts.

As part of the Trim Tots programme I have developed of an interactive learning environment involving the creation of a fantasy world, ‘Planet Munch’ embodying all that is essential for man’s well being. As part of this I developed a cast of growing vegetable character puppets to illustrate all that is essential for nutritional health, I have also explored all that is essential for our mental and spiritual well-being with characters that come from ‘Sensory Planet’ to fulfill our needs for creativity, expression and emotional health.


I have had the opportunity to work on a number of projects that have included the redesign of existing space to suit a new purpose. In this instance my work enables practical solutions and quirky, creative interior design. My sculpture and installations, although created with industrial materials, are at home in out-door settings with the hues of the countryside providing the perfect backdrop to these outlandish decorations.


My work is informed and inspired by my surrounding environment, objects and materials that I find around me. Having lived with an electrician for many years cable drums, cat 5 cabling and copper have infiltrated my creative outputs. A recent series, ‘Making Love’ is comprised of framed heart shaped sculpture, merging different materials with found items and wire. I follow the form inherent in the wire as it twists and turns, twisting in found items in keeping with the theme of each piece. The ‘Making Love’ series explores and presents the love of making things, titles in this series include ‘Washed Up Love’ and ‘Love of the Outdoors,’ so far exhibited at Harefield Heart Hospital and the Royal Brompton, I created two new pieces specific to this show looking at the heart as an organ and the role of the heart in literature and language when conveying love and emotion. I am currently working towards the completion of an Ocean Series, presenting numerous works - where the ocean meets to sea and have designed prelims for a new installation - ‘Crouching Warrors’ – waiting to be exhibited in a woodland setting, this series explores and presents the visual trickery of nature and light playing on the wild imaginings of childhood.

Where the sea meets the sand


Artist   .   Creative Producer  .   Creative Director   .   Creator

Artist . Creative Producer . Creative Director . Creator

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