I am Founder and Director at Nysa Projects and Trim Tots CIC an experienced Creative Producer, Arts Fundraiser and Lead Artist – Fascinated by the process of creative engagement, human tendency towards celebration and developing creative solutions as a community

I am a free-lance Artist and Creative Producer with a diverse portfolio and background in community and corporate art, I specialize in delivering comprehensive project content, workshop delivery and project management. I have received Arts Council Funding for my work.

"I aim to inspire, impart practical skills and instil confidence in people’s own creativity."

I am involved at every stage of project delivery and have produced creative programme content across sectors and art forms. In a workshop setting and when training others I aim to inspire, impart practical skills and instil confidence in people’s own creativity. As a Creative Producer I work closely with clients in the translation of briefs and aim to deliver high quality, high impact creative content, engaging with a wide audience and sustainable into the future. My work across the arts has enabled me to establish many connections over my career, I am the Creative Director and Founder of Nysa Projects, under which heading I complete my arts practice, I specialize in the creation of, recycled sculpture, life-sized puppets, environmental decor/art installations and design workshops for all ages using a diversity of art forms.

Artist   .   Creative Producer  .   Creative Director   .   Creator

Artist . Creative Producer . Creative Director . Creator

©Kerry Lanigan 2018

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